Monday, April 19, 2010

The "Sister Soldier Project" is Getting our Sisters the Good Stuff

Females can you imagine being overseas, serving your country in war, and you are unable to treat your hair the way you want to, because its hard for you to get hair care products? I mean if a woman wants to look good then a woman deserves that right to look good. If a woman wants to treat herself and her hair nice, well then shouldn't she? Just because a woman is serving in war, doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about how her hair looks and feels. In fact, many women I know want to look good at all times.

Well the “Sister Soldier Project” was developed as a support group for all of our sisters serving our country. What the Sister Soldier project does, is sends hair care products to our sisters serving our country. So whether it is a relaxer, perm, or conditioner for braids, hair care products can get to our sisters serving overseas. Check out their website and support our troops by supporting our sisters. This is a great cause that we all can feel great about supporting. ST sent a care package after hearing about this wonderful cause. Take a minute to look at the "Thank You" letters at the link below and feel free to support.

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