Sunday, May 16, 2010

Leela James-"Mr. Incredible, Ms. Unforrgettable"-feat. Raheem Devaughn

My ears have a gift when it comes to good music and Leela James’ new single featuring Raheem Devaughn is just that, “GOOD MUSIC”. The single entitled, “Mr. Incredible, Ms. Unforgettable” is all that, a bag of chips, and then some. If you’re a Leela James fan, a Raheem Devaugn fan, or like myself, a fan of both, then this is a single you want in your iPod. Our friends over at SOULBOUNCE posted the single and I promise, YOU WILL PLAY AGAIN. You may even do like I did and just go to iTunes and buy it. Get it at the jumplink below. Leela James’ 3rd lp, My Soul, hit stores May 25th.
Leela James feat. Raheem Devaughn-Mr. Incredible Ms. Unforgettable by skelletop


DaEsSensual1 said...

this song is fire!
leela's voice is a treasure!!

Cheebs said...

Thanks for your comment DaEsSensual. I totally agree w/you. Bet you had to listen to it more than once(LOL).