Friday, May 14, 2010

Kenny Anderson Graduates from College 19 Years After Georgia Tech

Kenny Anderson will graduate from college and not from Georgia Tech. Kenny Anderson mastered the digital classroom and studied in his spare time to make this happen.

The payoff will come tomorrow at St. Thomas University in Miami, when Anderson will put on the cap and gown and graduate, 19 years after leaving Georgia Tech. Read more at the jumplink.


Don said...

I had read this story last week and it struck me in a good and bad way. Good, because I must know how much it means to Kenny Anderson. When you leave college in hopes of a brighter future as an NBA star the sky is pretty much the limit as far as accomplishing every financial dream.

The bad, and it's really bad, after your NBA career has ended there is nothing worse than seeing how it's almost as if you never signed a professional contract, financially.

Kinda like Anderson is starting over.

Cheebs said...

I always appreciate your comments. It’s like he’s starting over financially, but he still progressed. Now that’s something you can’t put a dollar sign on, it goes a long ways. Commitment, dedication, and overcoming whatever hurdles are thrown at you, says a lot. I always love that NCAA commercial where the commercial shows the transition from student/athlete to the real work world professional. It has a saying to it that goes, “Most of us go pro in something else”.

Don said...

No problem on the comment I am always down for a good read and discussion. I definitely agree with the fact that he progressed on another level and that is something that cannot be bought.

Considering all, I'm certain it took the things you named in order for Kenny Anderson to put all else behind him and make it happen for himself. Respect due.