Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ms. Lauryn Hill Breaks Silence plus Lost Track-"Repercussions"

ST contributor, Izzy shared with us a little something she got in her mailbox. It seems, the internet has it hands on a Ms. Lauryn Hill song that has never been released. The song is entitled, "Repercussions" (shouts: This is a blessing that our ears get to hear some new/never before heard Ms. Hill music prior to returning to the stage, as she is scheduled to do this year's Rock The Bells Tour starting next month. Below check out Zoe Chace's (NPR) interview of Ms. Hill where Ms. Hill finally breaks her silence. 


Island Spice said...

WOWZERS!!! This song is AWESOME!!! Love Ms. Hill. We know she got a family to raise, but whenever she is ready come back, she has plenty of fans waiting. Great post. Great interview.

Anonymous said...

ST thanks a lot for keeping us informed!!!!!! I am definitely feeling this song by Ms. Hill. Thank you!!!!!!


Anonymous said...