Monday, July 5, 2010

Von Pea of Tanya Morgan Drops-"So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes"

ST told you about the group Tanya Morgan when 2/3 of their group Donwill and Von Pea dropped their mixtape, The Sandwich Shop. Prior to the mixtape drop, Donwill drop his solo mixtape, Don Cusack In High Fidelity and now Von Pea drops his first solo mixtape, So Motivational: The Most Skullduggery of Mixtapes. Von Pea’s style is so nonchalant, that it comes off what it is-lyrical and unique. This will hold us while we wait for Tanya Morgan's next album. Get the download its FREE.
<a href="">Scorpio (intro) by Von Pea</a>

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