Friday, August 6, 2010

De La Soul-"The Return of DST" (Audio)

"Y'all know the name, 2 decades deep". De La Soul's leak hit the internet and its a dedication cut, to the ol' skool, "Shouts out to THE MIGHTY ZULU NATION". A time when fun and harmonizing was just as important as the DJ keeping the party people on the dance floor. Well times changes like the seasons, but De La is one of those groups that have been a 'Mainstay' in the industry, while others break up or fall apart. With 20 plus years in the game, De La can make something new, with that ol' skool feel. Listen to, "The Return of DST" and grab your FREE download here.... Love the Fantastic Five run at the end of the cut. 
DeLaSoul-The Return of DST by skelle_top

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