Monday, September 6, 2010

Hometeam and DJ Ideal Presents "Andre Benjamin Is...." (audio)

How many of us have Andre 3000 amongst our favorite artist or Emcee? Say what you will, but Andre 3000 and OutKast were some pioneers in the game and Dre' is one helluva an Emcee. Well I came across this DJ Ideal and Hometeam mixtape of classic verses with rare and unreleased material. Shouts: 2DopeBoyz. tracklisting and FREE download here.....
Hometeam & DJ Ideal present: Andre Benjamin Is... by M.Escobar
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brownsugatou said...

Word... word! You always have good stuff on your blog. :-)

Cheebs said...

@Brownsuga-Thanks. Glad you like. And don't be modest, you do too (HAVE SOME GOOD STUFF ON UR BLOG) ;).