Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Camron-Tribute to Hud 6

A couple of weeks, Harlem lost one of the behind the scenes dudes in Hip Hop. Andre "Huddy 6" Hudson tragically died in a car accident. Hud 6 was once a member of Mase's Harlem World Crew and a good friend of Camron's. Well Camron dropped a tribute for his (and many people in Harlem) friend. However, this will be the first 'tribute' song that I ever heard, take shots and Cam took some shots at Mase. Rumor is Mase and Hud 6 had a fallen out years ago and didn't show up at the funeral or wake for Hud 6. Many people from Uptown were disturb by the fact that Mase didn't find time to pay his respect. You figure whatever beef Mase and Huddy had, it would be put to rest by his passing, but I guess not and Cam took out his ammo(pen). This is not a, "We'll Always Love Big Poppa" type of tribute song, but it is a good tribute song. One that will have many people shaking their head at Mase. download here...

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