Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kanye West's Short Film "Runaway"

Runaway [Explicit]Okay, So here it is,,,Kanye's, "Runaway" film. Relax, this is the CLEAN version. Now I'm not going to front, this is on some "Thriller" type of level. Now that's some homework. Whose video cost more and which short film is/was better? Kinda of hard to beat Thriller, but this may be a close second when it comes to the visuals and creativity.


Anonymous said...

I sat here and watched this whole thing. All I can say, is agree with you, the music is GOOD.

Anonymous said...

Let this breeeaaathe! The music is phenomenal! The message is of high intelligence! And that has got to be THE most beautifulest BIRD I've ever seen! Good work Ye! Let the artistry reign supreme. GOODMUSIC indeed :o )