Tuesday, October 12, 2010

President Obama to Hold Town Hall Meeting via the Internet

President Obama hopes to fire up Democratic voters via any medium he can for the midterm elections.
Theodore Roosevelt was the first president to use the television medium in a campaign and now Barack Obama will be the first president to use the internet medium. That's right, President Obama will have a Town Hall Meeting via internet at a Democratic event that will be held at George Washington University. Obama will take questions from Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and also Skype, which is an online video-chatting service that allows users to communicate via computer. 

This past Sunday in Philadelphia, President Obama encouraged voters to get out and vote for the mid-term elections, but the event was marked by a streaker (who allegedly did it to get paid a million bucks) and an unknown book thrower, who seemingly attempted to hit the president, but clearly missed (unlike the guy who threw his shoes at Bush who was clearly trying to hit him). Hopefully holding a town hall meeting via the internet will keep these clowns away from the president and concentrate on the issues at hand. 

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