Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Einstein-"Arabia" feat. Maseo (of De La Soul) and Mystro

ST gave you a preview of The Black Einstein band in the past and now you can get a taste of Black Einstein's EP, Whatever Happened To Major Tom, with the single, “Arabia”. The track features UK emcee Mystro along with Maseo aka Plug 3 from  De La Soul.
The musical mastermind behind the Black Einstein collective, Colin Emmanuel (who has produced for the likes of Eric Roberson, Jamelia, The Beta Band, Estelle and Beverly Knight to name a few) handles the musical direction and production on the entire project. This track sampling David Bowie’s “The Secret Life Of Arabia”.
<a href="http://blackeinstein.bandcamp.com/album/arabia-feat-mystro-maseo-plug-3-of-de-la-soul">Arabia feat Mystro &amp; Maseo Plug 3 of De La Soul by Black Einstein</a>

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