Monday, January 31, 2011

The Father of Hip Hop is ILL and Needs Our Help

Okay Hip Hop, the father of this thing we call Hip Hop is in need of help. Now I didn't want to post earlier, because I didn't have all the facts and I still don't. What we do know is that a press released is expected to come out soon and from latest information DJ Kool Herc (55) is home, but is need of surgery. I've been getting my info from DJ Premier's Blog and you can find out more and how to help The Father of Hip Hop at Prem's site (here).

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Justice7 said...

I know about 10 rappers off the top of my head that can give this man the money he needs and not feel it in their pockets (Not going to mention any names). Don't ask the fans who support your music, made possible by this living legend, to assist him. HIP HOP DO SOMETHING!!! NONE OF THIS STUFF WOULD HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE IF IT WASN'T FOR THIS MAN!!! THE TOP HIP HOP ARTISTS OWN IT TO THIS MAN!!