Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nas Talks "Life On Record" for TDK

Now this video clip took me wayyyyy back. Back to a day when my young ear use to stay up late, record all the new hip Hop songs being played, and gave myself the tag of the master of the 'pause' button. My favorite radio show from back in the day was, "The Awesome Two" radio show. It didn't come on WBLS or Kiss FM, but instead came on one of the smaller stations in NYC, WHBI. The Awesome Two featured Teddy Ted and Special K and if you wanted to have the newest stuff first, you had to get up at 4am and record to 5am. Your fingers had to be quick on the'pause' button so you wouldn't waste any tape time or commercials. Besides, you didn't want to play the new stuff to your crew with commercials on your tape. Now there were other Hip Hop shows in NYC like Mr. Magic and Redd Alert, but The Awesome Two show was my personal favorite. I'm sure everyone my age has a tape story. Especially the NY area folks, but here is Nas' story and his story is not a bore. Check out more TDK Life on Record Chronicles (here).

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justice7 said...

Yo, this brought back so many memories.