Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ohio Mother Sent to Jail for Sending Her Children to Suburban School Speaks

As this case unfolds, ST will keep you posted of any details. This wasn't the first parent trying to do the right thing for her children and this won't be the last. 

"I don't think they wanted money. I think they wanted me to be an example," 

Said Kelly-Williams-Bolar the mother of this horrible case. After last night's State of the Union address and seeing Joe Boehner behind the president all night, I wonder if he will take any action or even a stand for justice. After all, this happen in his state. If the court and the prosecution cared anything about the children involved, then they would have never sent this mother to jail for 10 days. By the way, let's take a guess as to where the children are staying while their mother is in jail. They will be staying at their grandfather's house. The same house and address used in this case. There is no crime here and hopefully, justice will prevail. If you feel as if justice wasn't served, and want to do something to assist this woman and her children,  sing a petition to have her sentenced reduced (here). 


Lena Brown said...

Justice... Wow! What a joke. It is unfortunate that she has to suffer because she is being made an example of. She was right in making that claim, because honestly we all know someone that is sending their kids to a school that they are not zoned for. I bet there was a bunch sitting in that courtroom or some that were allowing someone to use their address. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

this is a joke congressmen rob us everyday. elected officials milk the system and none of them go to jail bt a woman of color tries to gether kids outof the hetto scholand hey send her to jail. Good job idiots.