Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our President's Memorial Speech In Arizona

Even though President Obama was receiving pressure from his own political party to capitalize on the unfortunate Arizona killings for political gain, he understood that America didn't need any divisiveness and collectively needed to heal. His speech last night was one of the best speeches I've heard from any president since I've been alive. He wasn't petty and cynical, rather than search for political victims to chastise he focused his speech on the victims, the heroes, and their families. Read full text of the president's speech (here).

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Paul aka GONZO said...

I'M SO PROUD I VOTED FOR THIS MAN!! I am half white and half Puerto Rican. I work with mostly Republicans in the oil and gas industry and I keep my religious and political beliefs to myself. However, without even hearing my opinion, my co-workers just run on with the venom and with the hate thinking they are having a political discussion. I know they do not want to hear my beliefs, but I am so proud I voted for this man.