Tuesday, January 11, 2011

These Idiots Call Themselves 'Christians'-Westboro Church to Protest 9-yr-old's Funeral

America, can we please STOP WITH THE HATE!! The Westboro Baptist Church is at it again and this time they want to come to Arizona and picket at the 9-year-old, Christina Green's funeral. The little girl who was murdered this weekend in Arizona by a person full of the same rage and hate as The Westboro Church, Jared Loughner. However the people in Arizona are standing up to the idiotic followers of the Westboro Baptist Church. Dozens of people plan to wear large 10-foot wings to block the spiteful Westboro protesters from view at the funeral. The planned "angel action" was started back in 1999 to fight against anti-homosexual  groups (like Westboro Church) who picket with hate-filled signs during the funeral of a gay 21 year old beaten to death in Wyoming for being gay. Props goes to the people of Arizona standing up against HATE. Amazing that these people call themselves 'Christians'. Read more (here).

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