Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jill Scott – "Shame" feat. Eve

The one thing NeoSoul music is, is its HIP HOP. If someone ever asked me what is the difference between R&B and NeoSoul, my answer would be, NeoSoul embraces Hip Hop and its culture more than R&B does. Hence, one of my favorite singers in the game, Jill Scott. Jill Scott is officially Hip Hop and she embraces it on her lead single, "Shame" which features her Philly native, Eve. This track takes samples from Special Ed's I'm The Magnificent and turns it into a 2K dance track. Let's not forget that it was The Roots who introduced us to "Jilly From Philly", so its natural for her to embrace her Hip Hop roots in her music. Her album, The Light Of The Sun is scheduled to drop later on this year.

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