Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Gabrielle Union Talks About Almost Shooting Her Rapist

As Rihanna new video, "Man Down" draws a lot of controversy due to the display of Rihanna gunning down a rapist, Gabrielle Union gives her opinion of the video and tells her victim of rape story where Gabrielle almost 'gunned down' her attacker. Why the controversy over the video is beyond me? The video direction is a great piece of artistic work and since when does society care about a portrayed rapist being gunned down? Read more about how Gabrielle statements (here).  

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Stacey-BMORE said...

I applaud her taking a stand and speaking up. As for me, I'm not strong enough to speak up. When I got raped I was 11, just got my itty bitty titties, and my mother's boyfriend took advatage of me while my mother was @ work. I never told my mother, because I didn't want to hurt my mother's happiness. I ISH I HAD THE COURAGE TO STAND UP AND I LOVE THE VIDEO. Not saying that I want to shoot my attacker, I'll rather pray for him, but viewin this video and reading Gabrielle's story, ONE DAY I WILL!! THANK FOR THE POST