Friday, March 13, 2015

LeRoy McCarthy Set To Organize Mural Painting for Biggie Smalls

DJ Clark Kent and Leroy McCarthy 

ST's Contributor, LeRoy McCarthy along with Street Artist Danielle Mastrion will organize a mural painting of Biggie Smalls at the Key Food Grocery Store he once work at as a child. Mr. McCarthy is the brainchild behind the efforts of renaming the St. James Place and Fulton Street corner to #ChristopherWallaceWay.

Mr. McCarthy and Danielle Mastrion previously worked together on  a mural for The Beastie Boys at the infamous Paul's Boutique (no longer Paul's Boutique) on the Lower East Side last summer.

The mural of BIG will be on the sidewall of the store and is expected to take place near the end of the month when the weather warms. The mural is expected to have Biggie as a child of the community just bagging groceries. Mr. McCarthy said, "The mural is a way to honor Biggie who proudly represented the neighborhood." Looking forward to this as the weather warms. Brooklyn loves BIG as he in return loved Brooklyn. In the words of Biggie Smalls, #SpreadLoveIsTheBrooklynWay . Read more (here). 

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