Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stand Up Stand Tall

Most bloggers and writers spend their time on an entertaining subject. Terrell Owens or TO as he is better known has wowed us on the football and when the microphone is in front of his face. On the football field he makes some amazing plays and is one of the best receivers in the game. When the microphone is in front of his face, his comments are not taken as seriously as his play making abilities. In fact, some see TO as a joke when he is in front of a microphone.

However this one time I saw TO in front of the microphone I was in awe. TO spoke eloquently as he voiced his opinion on Michael Vick. TO proudly stated that he believes that Commissioner Goodell shouldn’t put anymore punishment on a man who serve his time to society. He also asked an important question about the other players speaking up and about the players union standing up on Vick’s behalf.

Mike Vick served his time for leading a dog fighting ring. He served 18 months in a federal prison and gave back a lot of money to the Atlanta Falcons franchise. Commissioner reinstated Mike Vick this week, but is putting restrictions on his return to the NFL. Commissioner Goodell informed the NFL that Mike Vick was able to sign with a team, could practice with that team, but still needs to serve a 2-4 game suspension.

Now football games don’t come around as often as baseball and basketball games, so four games is a quarter of a season. Didn’t the commissioner have plenty of time to make a decision before Mike Vick was released? It’s not like he didn’t know that this day was going to come, so why now take time to figure out how the NFL is going to allow Vicks’ return?

TO sound sincere when he spoke about Vick, even though TO was crying when he spoke about Tony Romo, that scene just somehow didn’t seem sincere. TO knows about being given a second and even a third chance and spoke as if he was speaking from first person. Why the NFL would charge Vick twice for the same incident? Where is the players union to stand up on this matter of being punished twice for the same incident? Wasn’t doing 18 months of Fed time enough?

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