Thursday, July 23, 2009

When a police officer is called out on a 911 call for a break in, police officers are taught that they may be coming across the owner of the home. In this case according to reports, Professor Gates was asked to show his ID as proof and at first Professor Gates refused, but got his IDs (Drivers license and Harvard ID card) out of the kitchen of his home. Professor Gates asked for Sgt. Crowley’s name and badge #, but Crowley didn’t provide it to Gates. According to both Professor Gates statements and the first statements made by the Cambridge PD, this did happen.

So why was he arrested? More importantly, why does this police officer feel as if he is not in the wrong? Anyone, white, black, or whatever, would be very upset if they were in Professor Gates’ shoes. Can you imagine getting arrested on the porch of your own home after showing the police IDs? Why does 67% of the AOL poll believe that this police officer should not apologize?

Another 64% believe that race didn’t play a part on that same AOL poll. Here’s a thought, an old guy with a cane bringing luggage INTO the home is not about to rob it. Race played a major part here, because this would have not happened if this professor was white. In fact, I can’t recall a case where an officer racially profiled a white person or a case where a white person was accidently shot by an officer. I can name plenty of cases where Blacks and Hispanics were ‘profiled’ and treated with injustice by those who are suppose to ‘protect and serve’.

The arrogance of this police officer not to extend an apology after his boss, the mayor quoted the incident as embarrassing. We’ll see how much ‘police procedure’ was used when this law suit hits the city of Cambridge. After all, Gates would have the best Harvard lawyers representing him. We’ll see how it plays out. No matter what this is AmeriKKKa and here in America, RACE MATTERS.

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