Tuesday, December 29, 2009

China Executes British Drug Smuggler

Death for drugs just doesn't make sense to the average mind. However, a person must respect the laws of the land no matter how crazy the law may seem. If he was a mule, had mental issues, whatever the case, the laws of the land are the laws of the land. Is it right? Not in my opinion and the opinion of others. However this took place in China and in China the people may have a different view to this. The term 'War on Crime' is so foolish in my opinion, because the money and stakes are so high, there will always be insiders getting the drugs to where they need to be. It's the simple math, business model of supply and demand. I wonder what the China Gov't is going to do with the drugs that were found. I doubt if they throw it in the river. Someway, somehow, just like here in the states, those drugs will get misplaced or lost within the gov't or a branch of it. Then those same drugs will be on the streets on China. Not a fact, just my opinion. What's yours?

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Joan said...

This is crazy!! Drugs=a life, wrong answer. That's why I live in the USA.