Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Tiger or A Cub?

Now ST have been laying off of Tiger throughout his ordeal, but one of ST Followers submitted an article I couldn't just let sit in my inbox. With that said here goes:

Fame, fortune and notoriety can weaken the moral defense of the most upright individual; but, at the end of the day-we are human. American society uses a microscope to canvass the lives of celebrities and when it finds a blemish, suddenly we forget the skeletons extruding from our closets. Tiger Woods, a mere man, with an extraordinary talent, has let his “wood” get the best of him. His sexual addiction and infidelity has monopolized the media, the dinner table, and the black church. I don’t know why we’ve placed Tiger in the category of the “token black Negro”, the one who was supposed to save the African American culture from the mistakes of other prominent leaders. Tiger didn’t even identify with us, but I’m willing to bet that Tiger will be anxious to partake of anything black since white America has taken Tiger down to a cub. Don’t get me wrong, I am proud of his accomplishments and all the obstacles he was able to overcome in the golfing arena, I just wish he was smarter about some of the holes he knocked the balls into….hey, I’m just saying. My heart goes out to his family, and I pray that they have some solace during this time. I would start by cashing the alimony check, but that’s just me.

submitted by ST Follower-Ms. Ash 10

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Unknown said...

TEAM TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!I think alot of men billionairs, and some women would have a big sexually appetite with all the people throwing themselves at you. Except Oprah I