Monday, June 14, 2010

9th Wonder Presents Rapsody-I Love This Female MC

9TH WONDER presents RAPSODY from Pricefilms on Vimeo.
ST gave up the heads up on Rapsody when we brought you the Tom Hardy video featuring 'Rap'. I personally first heard her for the first time on one of 9th Wonder's Dream Merchant LP and was immediately saying, "Who is that girl?" I found out more on 'Rap' and became an immediate fan. 'Rap' has a distinctive flow, a great voice, and her 'wordplay' is worthy of being mentioned with some of the greats. Check out 9th as he introduces his first act off of his own label and get the FREE DOWNLOAD of 9th Wonder Presents Rapsody at the jumplink. This girl is one to keep a lookout on.
Downlooad Free "9th Wonder Presents Rapsody Replay"

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Anonymous said...

I peeped her influences, when is she dropping a full length?