Sunday, June 20, 2010

Houston's Robert Glasper Gives Us-"Dilla*Shine" feat. Zynzelay

Houston's own Robert Glasper and vocalist Zynzelay pay some respect to one of the most respected producers in the game, J-Dilla. This Dilla inspired track is entitled, “Dilla*Shine”. Now I wasn’t Hip to Zynzelay, but I love her voice and I usually love anything Dilla laced. A great voice, a Dilla laced track, and Robert Glasper on keys is a great combo and is worth a listen. Put this one in your iPods. Download here
Dilla Shine-Robert Glasper feat. Zynzelay by skelletop

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Cheebs said...

This was the second most searched song or listened to song on my blog for the year of 2010. According to my blog stats. AWESOME song. R.I.P. DILLA!!!