Thursday, September 2, 2010

Faith Evans-"Everyday Struggle" featuring Raekwon

Faith Evans (I love the album cover photo) leaked her new collabo with Raekwon yesterday, titled “Everyday Struggle,” off her forthcoming album Something About Faith. I like this cut and Rae's lyrics are SERIOUS BUSINESS.



daessensual1 aka ms. issa said...

theres another cut that was leaked a few weeks ago with snoop (

...i could have done without rae's yammering over this otherwise perfect track! im kinda not on rae right now after this beiber-gate debacle

Justice7 said...

@daessensual1-I can imagine what your saying. W/O Rae, yeah PERFECT song, but with Rae a little gutter which is a good thing. The track reminds us of Biggie and Biggie was gutter. The WU ALWAYS fucked w/BIGGIE and ALWAYS gave him props. So keeping with the title theme.....Rae's lyrics are some solid, and for this title's theme. But I do agree w/you that the song would have been PERFECT w/o Rae on it.

Cheebs said...

@dessenual-Yeah the song would have been better without Rae, but Rae's lyrics are sick. Serious lyrics for a Serious title. Peep.....

"You can be what you wanna,

Me, I’m just a genius-a go gunner,

That’s what REAL! Nigga’s can’t front on

My style, My personality, this is my reality,

Keep it moving you can do well.

Fuck the half steppin’, I’ve been born to

regulate & Strive,

and stay rich in the heart-STAY STRONG!"

Can't front on Raekwon. He's bringing serious
grown folks rhyme. These are some inspirational lyrics here.