Sunday, September 18, 2011

Another 9th Wonder Joint– "No Pretending" feat. Raekwon & Big Remo

"Now back to blowing holes in the microphone pole. I do it eazy, with 41 years in my soul."-Raekwon.
They call Rae the Chef, because he cooks up some sh*t, but when 9th is in the kitchen with you, you just may come out of the kitchen with a classic. 9th is know for his sick beats and this one may be one of his best and I guess that's why Rae had to let loose with the bullets of lyrics. Now I f*cks with Big Remo, but in all honesty after hearing Rae on this joint I think Remo should have lead off the flow, then pass the baton to Rae for the final lyrical laps. I don't think anyone should have touched the mic after Rae on this joint. 9th's The Wonder Years is set to drop on the 27th (pre-order here).  If you missed the other premiered tracks from this 9th project you can check those out (here) and (here).

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