Monday, September 19, 2011

Ray J Responds Verbally About Apparent Fight With Rapper Fabolous This Weekend

Okay, so apparently Fabolous and Ray J got beef. Apparently the beef started from Fabolous cracking jokes aka 'taking shots' at Ray Jon Twitter. Well apparently both were in Vegas at The Palms Hotel for the fight this weekend and had a fight of their own or some type of beef. Now weather anyone was hurt, smacked up, I don't know, I don't know, but Ray j called into NYC's The Breakfast Club Radio Show this morning to make a statement. **Warning** Ray uses some profanity. Hopefully this beef can be squashed and no one gets hurt. Just for the record, I'm so tired of Twitter beefs. They are getting played out quick. Read more about  the weekend's incident (here). update: Fabolous' response (here). 

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khandye said...

I wonder if he listened to this afterwards and sees how ignorant he sounds...big artist sometimes equals big mouth and a big head...ugh!!