Thursday, September 22, 2011

Former President Jimmy Carter Says "Death Penalty is Unjust and Outdated'"

I had a long night. I watched what was going on in Jackson, Georgia last night, until I couldn't take the television anymore. I then started to follow the #TroyDavis trends on the Twitter, because there was a sign of hope. Then his death became official and I began to feel sick. I went to Facebook to see what the people were talking about, but along with grief, there were plenty of 'hateful' things posted about this case. Opinions aside, as a modern day society, we can not think it is okay to execute someone when there is 'doubt' and FACT is there was some 'doubts' in this case. The biggest being the 7 out of 9 witnesses who said they were force, coerced, or mis-lead 22 years ago. 7 out of 9 means there is 'DOUBT'. This is why I've never been a supporter of The Death Penalty. Its NEVER been fair and just in this country and because of it, its old and outdated. I'm not the only one who feels like this, former president Jimmy Carter has similar feelings. Check out what former President Jimmy Cater has to say about this law (here). 

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