Monday, November 17, 2014

SiR's "Long Live Dilla" Project is Worth a Listen and a Donation

ST Contributor, Bigg Russ recently sent me the link to SiR’s Bandcamp page for his Long Live Dilla project. I remember Russ saying, "Dilla never gets old" and he’s right. Immediately I thought this was another DJ doing a J Dilla tribute. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I heard SOUL Music over some Dilla inspired tracks. Hip Hop, Jazz, RnB all wrapped together. SiR is the lead vocalists on this project and all I know about him is he’s from Inglewood, California; he has a great production style, and he has a nice voice. Dude reminds me of Dwele. Check out his Bandcamp page (here). I ‘named my own price’ and grabbed the download. I suggest you do as well, because if SiR stays at his craft, he could be something special. Below are some cuts off of Love Live Dilla from SiR's Soundcloud.

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