Monday, January 19, 2015

Poem for The 'Underdogs' Roxie Carter - "Scribes To Survive"

In the words of Ms. Carter, "I really believe they are our future, stop raising them up to be shooters. We need more Harriets, Malcolms, and Martin Luthers."

Hip Hop came by a way of Ghetto Youth expressing themselves through various art forms and I thought this was an appropriate post for Martin Luther King Day. ST Contributor, Roxie Carter sharing her poetry at The Nuyorican Cafe back in 2011. I told Roxie she gives inspiration and her words needs to be shared. Thanks for speaking for those not being heard and continue writing your poetry Sister. At ST, we always root for the 'underdog'. When the 'underdog' wins, the victory is so much sweeter. 

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Anonymous said...

Roxie"Carter" been inspiring me for years!! Glad her voice, her vision and her substance can be absorbed in everyone's ears and eyes who didn't know....she's pure DOPE!!...PAMO