Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Here we go again with the same ‘OLD same OLD’.

How does a Harvard Professor get arrested at his own home? Professor Henry Louis Gates was released the same day and the CPD dropped the charges, but now we have to wonder about the after. What will happen now?

Only a police ego can get a Harvard Professor arrested in this situation. Only police egos like the brass union who represents this officer can side with this officer. I believe this officer needs a month or so suspension without pay. I never understood how only police officers can mess up on a job and still get a check. Any other job, this cop would have been suspended or fired. Only police unions support police officers when they are wrong. Black president and this is still AmeriKKKa.
We’ll wait as this sage continues and Skelle will keep you updated. Power to the people!!!!


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newedgesharpener said...

Preach! This would be a non issue if the person in question was William Henry "Bill" Gates III instead of Henry Louis Gates II. It would have been more like sorry for the disturbance Sir!