Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Join The ST Family @ S.O.B.'s April 1st for Eric Roberson's "The Box" Tour

The ST Family is starting our Anniversary Season Celebrating on April Fool's Day. It's a hump-day Wednesday, but if you're in the NYC area, The ST Family would like you to join us at S.O.B.'s in The Village for Eric Roberson, as he brings his The Box Tour to his Home-Turf stage at S.O.B.'s. Get tickets (here).

Ironic that Erro is performing in NYC during ST's Anniversary. Erro and I go back to '07 during the Houston stop of his Left Album Tour. I was freelancing at the time and I had just finished my interview with Anthony David. After my interview with Anthony David, I was leaving the backstage area for the musicians on my way out to the general area to enjoy the evening's performance. Erro sees me and jokingly asks, "What? You don't want to interview me? I'm not big enough or something?"

I laughed and said, "Hell Na Bruh! You got time to 'chop it up with me for a few'?" Erro says, "Yeah Man. I'm trying to get this TV to work. I want to see The Giants' last pre-season game." I tell him I'm a Big Giants fan as well and that I went to school with Michael Strahan at Texas Southern University. Erro told me how cool that was and shared a HBCU joke with me. During the small talk, we both tried, but we never got the television to work on the 'special' channel the game was on. We gave up on trying to watch the game, sat down, and 'Chopped It Up'. I tell Erro about how I sing, Pretty Girl to my daughter when we're in the car and his response is something I'll never forget. A true gift, because this was an interview I never asked for. Heaven sent. #TrueStory

Ed Cheebz w/Erro Eric circa '09
Music Fan First Tour Houston 
I caught up with Erro later on again in Houston when he was in town with his Music Fan First Tour. I wasn't able to 'chop it up' w/Erro this go round, but we were able to share some small convo. During the convo I tell Erro, "I think I was the inspiration behind your song title for this album". I tell him about the past interview and of course, he doesn't remember. He is interviewed all the time. Erro then says to me, "Bruh, you probably were. I get inspiration from everywhere, but I do remember you telling me you went to school with Strahan." We laughed and grabbed a quick pic. I promised Erro one day I'll share the interview notes with him one day so he'll know why I say this.

Well several years and albums later, I came across the recorded interview notes, downloaded it from the 'back-in-the-day' mini-cassette recorder, and here it is. Just two Dudes, "Chopping It Up".



Unknown said...

"When you do feel good music it is a feel good period it's not just timeless." That is the truth. Good interview and to think it was spontaneous and you showed you are a true fan and asked meaningful questions and both of you provided stories to go along with it.


Unknown said...

Eric Roberson has been putting the work in. Good write-up. I can hear the music between the lines.